Upcycled scenery at Canal Nacional, with World Monuments Fund

Mexico City’s Canal Nacional was built over 2,000 years ago to transport goods from Xochimilco to the center of the city. A rare survivor of the city’s once-expansive network of canals that disappeared as the city expanded rapidly in the twentieth century, Canal Nacional has endured as an open waterway and gathering place for the nearby communities. Today the waterway sustains a natural habitat for animals, birds, and plants in the heart of the densely populated city. (1)

Plastic waste from previous waterway cleaning campaign was integrated in the structures

A project with the leadership of Mexico Territorio Creativo, Design Week Mexico, and C Cubica Architects with the collaboration of Edmundo de la Rosa Foundation

Consisted in the installation of inflatable structures prepared to give a sense of scenery for the mexican soprano diva María Reyna, while she sang a repertoire of popular songs to celebrate the history and conservation of the 2000+ years old waterway.

Maria Reyna, mixe soprano
The air was nourished from a boat below the bridge


(1) https://www.wmf.org/project/canal-nacional

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