Inflatable public art installation for Design Week Mexico

With the intention to accentuate the event of Diseño Contenido, Design Week Mexico and C Cúbica Architects invited me to install our first inflatable elements made with waste.

Working material and tests at the workshop.

The production process started at Cihuatlan Jalisco, at Rancho La Vena, where we collected plastic from the banana plantation and plastic used in the coconut oil extraction process. After washing it on the same water for the bananas we had to let it dry a day. So we could start making canvases long enough for the design that would generate the inflatable forms

While working at the banana packaging warehouse, we had to stop for two days because some clients would pickup some bananas with 8 ton trucks, this generated almost the same amount of plastic that we carefully worked with through more than a month… furniture demonstrated to be the best for repurposing amounts of blue plastic. There is a lot of it producing.

Anyways the results were very encouraging, the structures worked pretty well under high standards of production. They are a bit delicate, but repairable. another two sculptures couldn’t be used due to lower standards and lack of reinforcements at the unions, something that is a very timely thing to do if you dont want to add new plastics, nor sewing.

The pieces were installed at the Park Lincoln
at Polanco, during a design market organized by DWM and people pretty much enjoyed it. This was the start of something completely different at the realm of ephemeral architecture

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